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(Sonny Stojanovic)


Sonny Stojanovic, known by his artist name SNY, has been practicing music and the arts for seven years. At the beginning of his career, SNY landed his song ‘don’t sweat it’ on the Project Hollywood the Movie soundtrack, exclusively distributed by Universal Studios. This generated buzz within the industry, influencing SNY to travel to the United States to meet and work with a variety of prominent record labels.

After working with his new contacts from the United States, SNY released his first album ‘The Distance Between Dreams,’ which landed at #7 on the Australian Itunes album charts. Due to this success, popular Australian radio station ‘Radio Metro’ put the album in rotation and conducted an interview with SNY. This has influenced SNY to make multiple business trips to the United States in order to enhance his image and career. In 2018, SNY collaborated with Hollywood Music Director Ben Marc Productions to create a music video for his hit single ‘I might’. This single has attracted over 200,000 views on Youtube and has grown SNY’s Instagram following to over 20,000 fans.  The success of ‘I might’ has continued with 30,000 current plays on Spotify, drawing in a crowd of over 13,000 listeners per month…

SNY is at a level in his career where he is working with numerous American platinum producers, such as Droyd and Young Chop who is also the CEO of record label ‘Chop Squad Records’. SNY has collaborated on songs with American platinum recording artists ‘Soulja Boy’ and ‘24hrs’ as well as other industry professionals. SNY’s efforts has influenced his music to be noticed by American radio stations, currently playing his songs in rotation. SNY has since been interviewed by iHeartRadio host David Serero from ‘The Culture News’ channel, reaching a diverse audience of approximately 200,000 listeners. In regards to publicity, SNY has been featured on a variety of blogs due to his work with Erica Nailor from The PR Circle. 

SNY has now signed a contract to work with AMW Group who is recognised as one of the top 10 public relations firms in the United States. AMW Group promises to: arrange blog placement reviews and features, interviews, biography reviews, press releases, social media guides, brand reviews, podcast outreach, playlist submissions and expert news articles. Therefore it is evident that SNY is a significant artist who is contributing to the music community in the United States, demonstrated through his many accomplishments and career highlights.


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